Now this – THIS – is one of the most beautiful anime I have ever seen so far.  The best thing about Mahou Tsukai No Yome is that it combines good artwork, animation, AND plot.  The pacing feels nice and smooth, which is really good for the kind of story it’s telling.  As for the animation and artwork itself, it is just AMAZING. There was this Studio Ghibli vibe about it that just makes it so breathtaking.  Heck, when I had to re-watch the beginning over and over again because of lag issues, I never get tired on seeing the opening.  It’s just that good.  It doesn’t feel like an anime, rather a movie that’s just split into separate parts.  Now, this is a fairly new anime (seriously the first episode just came out, so don’t plan on binge-watching it.  Don’t actually binge watch it at all because that would just ruin it.  This is one of those anime where you want to just take a nice, easy ride on and enjoy it for what it is.  Honestly, this is just a MUST watch, anime fan or not.