Oh shoite.  There’s a test tomorrow.  It’s 10:00 at night and I haven’t even started on homework yet.  Millions of things raced in my mind as I tried to plan out how I should study without having to sacrifice homework for it.  I skimmed through Physics, pushed off Spanish for tomorrow, and dove right into studying for Pre-calculus.  At first, the main focus was to cram as many important details as possible.  But, then something interesting caught my by the brain.  I noticed some patterns and started to immerse myself into the numbers.  Everything else seemed irrelevant except for those irrational polynomials.  And then, after about a solid hour, I asked myself, why was I doing these equations again?

OH WAIT. There’s a test tomorrow.

So I proceeded to stress more about the info of the test than the actual patterns.

Now that I look back it, though, it’s pretty interesting as to why I stopped studying the way I did; and it made me think why people studied in the first place.  It wasn’t just to get grades for a college.  And it surely wasn’t just because they had to either.  It was solely because something interesting caught their eye, which pushed them to learn even more about it.  And that, children, is what education nowadays have kind of thrown out the window.  Because grades are of “great importance”, studying is seen more of a tool rather than an actual activity.  Isn’t that why schools were made, though?  To study the unknown, not your ranking?

*Small side note I apologize for the unfinished drawing but I was afraid that I wasn’t going to get this by Saturday night because it would feel weird to post this on a Sunday.  Hope ya’ll understand*