Hello there!  This is just a blog about stuff that I usually enjoy in life.  No biggie here.  These topics usually are on martial arts, music, anime, webtoon, and art.  I mostly post everyday (or when I can) except for Fridays and Sundays ’cause I gotta take breaks too, y’know.  So here’s how the schedule usually goes:

Sundays: Nothing (I like to call these “sleep in Sundays”)

Mondays: Martial Arts (Martial Arts Mondays)

Tuesdays: Music (Tune in Tuesdays)

Wednesdays: Anime and maybe games (Weeaboo Wednesday)

Thursdays: Webtoon (Toon in Thursday) Heh see what I did there?

Fridays: Parkour/Freerunning (Freerun Friday)

Saturdays: Some art that either I or someone else drew (Sketch It Saturday)

I can’t promise that I will post everyday, mostly either because of school or I can’t really find content.  Usually, though, it could be of school.  So yeah, there’s that.  Welcome to the blog and I hope you find this entertaining!

Image: http://wallpapercave.com/wp/N0UUyXE.png