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Tune In Tuesday – KATOMORI 1234567890




Sketch It Saturday – The Portal

I decided to check out DeviantArt for the first time just to look for inspiration and I came across a picture called The Portal.  It just looked so breathtaking that I couldn’t look away for quite some time.  There’s no real meaning to it, really. It just makes me want to look and enjoy it for hours on end.  And, sometimes we just have to do that with life.  Just enjoy the ride for awhile.

Freerun Friday -Jesse La Flair Parkour POV: Exploring Los Angeles

Jesse La Flair: one of the most renowned parkour athletes on the internet worldwide.  Now this guy is AMAZING.  His POV isn’t just him jumping from one small structure to another.  As hard as parkour is, it’s a little bland when someone says it’s parkour when they jump from one bench to another one 5 feet away.  La Flair, though, brings something a bit more spicy to the table.  And it’s a good idea to observe his technique in the process, since he IS one of the top national parkour athletes.

Now,  it may be a little hard to get anything from a POV video but we can get one thing: his feet positioning.  Specifically, his feet position as he jumps from one structure to another.  Normally, people would try to quickly glide their feet over to the other side.  However, that does not work for longer distances.  Just because you’re able to jump faster doesn’t mean you can jump farther.  What I’ve noticed is that La Flair not only lifts his legs up in the midst of his jumps, but he also extends them out afterwards TOWARDS the structure.

What I can assume is that he grabs for momentum through powerfully kicking off the ground and soaring in the air for awhile before taking out his “landing gear” to safely land on his desired destination.  And all of this is about precision.  He doesn’t need to use all his strength to reach the location; rather he uses the momentum he creates to help him along the way.

As for climbing structures in general, it’s quite noteable that Jesse usually plants his feet on the wall near his upper body.  Now, this is to gain some ground to be able to push himself up with the moment of his legs so that he can put less strain on his arms to hoist himself easily up that 10-foot wall.

There’s so much more I can talk about but I would like to save it for later.  What I really wanted to say from this is that it’s really important to have technique when freerunning.  Having muscle is nice enough, but you also have to understand how to use that muscle to easily navigate the area.  So, for all those people hoping to exercise, try doing parkour.  It’s really fun AND your body gets stronger in the process.

Martial Arts Monday – Body Movement

Have you ever just tried to do something for so long and never ever could just do it, no matter what you’ve tried?  And then all of a sudden, something small inside you clicks and the whole problem is solved.  Interesting, right?  Well, I’ve noticed that there are similar problems in martial arts when I was watching one of DK Yoo’s videos.  Many times, people believe that in order to perform certain movements, they need to become faster and stronger.  Though it’s not a bad thing to go that route, it’s not really one that’s totally necessary.  All they need to do, however, is shift their body in a certain way so that they are more stabilized to use that strength and speed that they possess so they can use it efficiently.  It doesn’t even have to be a huge change in their form.  One small, simple shift will do just fine.

Toon In Thursday – Dice

Dice is a webtoon that I generally have neutral feelings for.  The idea and theme is interesting to think about, but the plot doesn’t do it justice.  It was a lot more intense in the beginning, being that it’s fresh and new things just keep popping up left and right.  But, currently the episodes seem rather slow in storytelling.  Which, I’m not going to bash on too much because it does need a break from countless of action scenes.  It’s also ongoing still, so there’s more to look forward to as well.  Overall, it’s a nice little read that we just have to be patient for.  The artwork is nice and the plot is decent.  Though personally it’s not something to fanboy over, it’s still a nice little webtoon to read when you have the time.

Weeaboo Wednesday – Mahou Tsukai No Yome

Now this – THIS – is one of the most beautiful anime I have ever seen so far.  The best thing about Mahou Tsukai No Yome is that it combines good artwork, animation, AND plot.  The pacing feels nice and smooth, which is really good for the kind of story it’s telling.  As for the animation and artwork itself, it is just AMAZING. There was this Studio Ghibli vibe about it that just makes it so breathtaking.  Heck, when I had to re-watch the beginning over and over again because of lag issues, I never get tired on seeing the opening.  It’s just that good.  It doesn’t feel like an anime, rather a movie that’s just split into separate parts.  Now, this is a fairly new anime (seriously the first episode just came out, so don’t plan on binge-watching it.  Don’t actually binge watch it at all because that would just ruin it.  This is one of those anime where you want to just take a nice, easy ride on and enjoy it for what it is.  Honestly, this is just a MUST watch, anime fan or not.

Tune In Tuesday – Aruna – What If (Richard Caddock Remix)

Aruna – What If (Richard Caddock Remix) is another EDM-style song that’s just nice to relax with.  The rhythm does go a little hard in the middle, but it still flows with the feeling of the whole song.  A majority of songs don’t really have that kind of flow.  It’s usually something like a random buildup that immediately leads to a bass-drop; it just feels so forced.    However, there are some songs (like this one) that add the bass-drop in such a way that makes it feel natural.  And that kind of flow is personally some of the best things you can experience in a song.


Sketch It Saturday – Improvement!

Earlier today i decided to do a quick redraw of a drawing I did three years ago as a freshman.  And, to be quite honest, I felt really good about it ’cause I saw quite some improvements in myself. Now, of course there’s room for adjustment but as for now, I’m pretty content with how far I’ve come and will just relax for a moment with that thought. And that applies with anything.  Whenever you feel like a turd, look at some things you have done in the past and see how far you have gotten with that passion of yours.



Toon In Thursdays – Tower Of God

Out of all the webtoons that I have read, this is one of those that makes me excited for each new chapter.  Usually whenever there’s a new chapter for a webtoon, I kind of just read and catch up on the latest updates.  But, with toons like the Tower of God, I can’t help to just feel excitement for the oncoming episode.  To summarize the plot, a young boy goes on a journey to reunite with someone extremely important to him while making other friends in the process.  There’s quite a twist in the middle as you go along, so go on and give this webtoon a read.  It’s pretty engrossing, and the art is just BEAUTIFUL.

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