I don’t like this feeling.  It’s so… empty.  There’s no feeling of comfort or sadness anywhere.  It’s just, neutral.  And it kind of sucks.  You can’t cry out all of your anxieties nor excitedly share all of your interests.  It’s just me.  Not that I’m the center of the universe but, it just feels like I’m just existing, not living.  There, but not really noticeable. I just want to be alone with someone, not with myself.

Not Enough Time

So here’s how the day will go: Wake up, brush le teeth, eat, and rest for a bit.  Then I’m going to draw and be creative throughout the day.  After, I’ll binge watch that anime I’ve been meaning to montage for quite the time now.  Oh, I gotta leave time to play some games that I haven’t been playing for the past few months or so.  Yeaaah, I got time.

Oh wait.  I got schoolwork to do. *sigh* If only I had time.

Only A Dream

My my, what’s this?  I never knew I could do backflips before!  Dude, this feels awesome!  I have a job?  I have a JOB!  Sweet!  It’s not even that tedious!  I can do what I always wanted to do for a living!  Hey, this feels suspicious.  I don’t remember being this smart before.  Whatever, let’s just roll with it.  This, actually feels quite nice.  Maybe a little too nice, but whatever.  I’m happy, that’s all that matters.  Wait, what’s that buzzing sound?

Ah, right.  Of course.  T’was only a dream.