Some people make me wonder a bit.  It’s just really interesting to see someone complain about the wrongs of others when they do absolutely nothing to fix the so called “problem”.  The most they will do is go outside from the comfort of their homes and protest in the streets, using only their feet and their lungs.

Now, you may know what kind of people I’m talking about.  Social Justice Warriors (well, less warrior-like and more attuned to a Nazi. So, SJN’s?), people who feel entitled to call out anyone who seems to do something politically incorrect.  It isn’t really what they are fighting for, so to speak, that drives me crazy.  Some of their ideas are admittedly important matters to look into, but most of the time it’s just a bunch of nonsense that’s solely based on their feelings as an individual.  It’s more of the way they are going about and solving the issue.  They only complain and demand for a solution rather than create one for themselves.

People are just being to sensitive to any sort of comment.  You can literally compliment someone and they will take it as if you just shot their grand-mama.  It goes through a great range of topics.  Either through art, culture, race, basically anything.  Someone could even get offended by how a cookie is made, given that some of the more culturally “natural” ingredients are mixed in with that of an American one.

Think of it like this: a flash flood decimates a city.  Gov. officials start coming in and directing a rescue/reconstruction unit to help out with the victims.  Rather than working along with the helpers, the residents start to criticize the helpers for not doing anything to prevent the flood.  They complain about how nothing was done to ensure that there wouldn’t be a flood when the idea of doing so hasn’t even popped up in the resident’s heads until then.  And it isn’t so much that their homes were demolished that they’re angry, they just feel angry because a flood happened and they weren’t protected from such a catastrophe.

Sounds familiar?  Well, it should.  There are people going around town speaking out against this and that.  And when they are presented with a solution to solve it, they aren’t satisfied at all and hunt for something else to criticize.  It’s as if they want the problems to continue so they can have something to feel special about.  And, it really isn’t their fault.  There are many instances where people feel insecure about themselves because they see how successful other people are.  And, when they feel that they cannot make themselves just as skilled, they turn to sympathy to get that quick “pat-of-sympathy”.  Either way, they should still do something to flood out that feeling themselves rather than criticize others for that general reason.